Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images

Braun Strowman Debuts New Look, Attacks Alexa Bliss & Vows To Consume Bray Wyatt’s Entrails

Tonight’s Friday Night SmackDown ended in a chaotic scene, as Braun Strowman made his way down to the ring with a new haircut, called out The Fiend, and then attacked Alexa Bliss in a shocking display of anger from the WWE Universal Champion.

Things started with Strowman making his way to the ring, calling out The Fiend by saying that he would “destroy” him and then consume his entrails. Instead of The Fiend, though, Bliss made her way to the ring, where she called out Strowman for not being himself and tried to talk some sense into him. Strowman said that he and Bliss were never friends, and that he felt she was using him and that he was nothing bu a “clown.”

Taking things to the extreme, Bliss literally began slapping Strowman, which caused him to lift her up in an effort to call out The Fiend. After the lights went dark in the arena, Strowman threw Bliss off of him and onto the ring, and when the lights came back on, The Fiend was in the ring and Strowman was gone. After looking around for a bit, the jumbotron popped back up, with Strowman laughing on it as he stared at The Fiend. In response, The Fiend also began laughing, while Bliss looked on at both men in scared confusion.

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