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Photo Credit: WWE

Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Elite 78 In-Depth Review (Photos)

Welcome to another installment of Collector’s Corner where we take a look at none other than Mattel WWE Elite 78! This set features:

  • Matt Riddle
  • Naomi (with Chase variant)
  • Drake Maverick
  • R-Truth
  • Kofi Kingston
  • Randy Orton
  • Superstar Billy Graham (Collector’s Edition)

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Photo Credit: WWE

The Packaging

This set features the 2020 style Elite packaging with the red/white/black/silver color scheme. The box showcases the featured wrestler on one side with their name on the opposite as well as a larger image, statistics and those whom also are in the set on the back. Billy Graham, however, does not show anyone on the back of his box but he is the Target Exclusive in this set, but you can also get him over on Ringside, too.

Matt Riddle

Let’s take a look at arguably the most sought after in this set, Matt Riddle. This is Matt’s very first Elite with a new head scan that looks much more like him. He has that cheesy smile on his face with a headband over his hair, which is removable. He comes with his entrance jacket, which is made of cloth and looks excellent with all the logos and designs on it, as well as removable sandals, which is a really cool accessory. He also has swappable hands, too. Once you remove his sandals and jacket you can see he has his white shorts with the Bro and other Matt Riddle logos on it. He also has his mushroom tattoo on his chest and his tattoo around his left ankle.

Overall, Matt is a nicely done figure. People say his arms are too small/short, which the more I look at it the more I can see why they say that. It’s a not a deal breaker for me, but it is an odd parts choice. The detail on this figure is fantastic as you can tell Mattel went all out on perfecting him. Mine sadly had some sloppy paint apps so I am currently looking for another one. If you’re a fan of his I highly recommend this figure as it’s really well done.


Naomi is a really unique figure as they actually made her attire glow-in-the-dark, which is really cool. I’m glad Mattel went above and beyond to make her figures in this set special. The main version has the green/black lightning attire design, which is awesome. It’s very detailed from head to toe. She features a new, smiling head scan with her hair dyed about half way down. She also comes with a rubber entrance robe, swappable hands and a glow-in-the-dark WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship. Her Chase has a neon green attire, which I unfortunately didn’t have in time for this review, but you can see images of it in the gallery below.

Overall, it’s a really well done figure of her, both are it seems, and the extra hands, details and accessories really make it special. The only thing she was missing were her sunglasses, which they’ve given to figures like Sasha Banks, so I’m not sure why they didn’t include those. Regardless, it’s a great figure of hers that I highly recommend.

Drake Maverick

Drake was an interesting figure for the set considering all the ups and downs of his contract around the time this was announced. Thankfully it was released and it’s a pretty nice figure. He comes with his Maverick 24:7 cloth t-shirt, swappable hands and a cardboard wanted poster of R-Truth as he pursues him and the 24/7 title. Drake features a new head scan, which looks great, as well as is tiny in stature and has very detailed tights. Mine unfortunately has a paint app issue on his logo on his thigh, so I am also looking for another of his, too.

Overall, it’s a great figure of Drake, but my biggest issue are his hands. He suffers the Rey Mysterio issue in that they didn’t make smaller hands for the tinier guys, so they have huge hands that are not proportionate with their bodies. That is my biggest gripe as he just looks goofy with huge hands, but if you can look past that it’s a nicely done figure.


Talk about a guy who has been so long overdue for a new Elite figure it’s crazy. He hasn’t been made in years so it was really refreshing to see them make a new one of him, too. Truth has his super smiley head scan with his hair in a bun. You can see his piercings and all on his face. His body is decked out in all of his extravagant tattoos and he even has his white glove. Unfortunately the peg is brown, which makes his glove look like there’s a hole in it. I’m not sure why Mattel continues to do this with glove hands, but it is annoying. He features long, black shorts similar to that of John Cena’s old figures, but this looks to have new detail molding on it, as well as the old Cena Elite shoes. He also comes with swappable hands and the first release of the 24/7 title, which looks great.

Overall, this is a great update to Truth and was long overdue, too. The figure is super detailed and if you want the 24/7 title you can finally get it with him, which is perfect. I’m annoyed the glove hands have black pegs as it makes the glove itself look odd, but other than that this is a really nice figure of him. I highly recommend it.

Kofi Kingston

This may be my favorite figure of Kingston honestly. The upcoming New Day figures are in this same attire as well, which will allow you to complete their look. I love this figure as he is super vibrant and colorfully detailed. He features that same head scan with the ponytails I’m not a fan of really, but he does have the blonde highlight in his hair. For some reason Mattel has such a hard time with his head scans and it’s so sad. Regardless, this figure is awesome as it is super detailed as I said. You can see all the detailed tattoos on his back and arms. He has armbands, swappable open hands, and of course his cotton candy colored tights with the logos. Even his kick pads are super colorful and detailed, making this by far one of his best figures to date I’d say. You can’t forget he also comes with a plate of pancakes and one of the SmackDown tag team titles, which has a new paint app on it to make it shiny.

Overall, love this figure. I wish the face looked a bit better but other than it’s really well done. The detail is amazing on it and I love the colors of his tights and boots as the figure just really pops. I can’t wait to have all three New Day members together once Elite 79 drops real soon! If you haven’t picked up any New Day figures or haven’t in a long time, I suggest picking up this attire of them!

Randy Orton

Randy is finally starting to get more Elites again since Elite 67, which is nice. He used to be over produced and now they’re not making him as much, which is ok as his look really doesn’t change a whole lot other than his hair. That being said, he does feature a new scan on this one with short shaved hair and no facial hair although you can see the stubble molded on his face. He has all his detailed tatoos on his back and arms as well as his black wrist tape with his famous taunt hands. He also comes with swappable fist hands. He is sporting his black trunks with the white/red logos on the sides, his ‘RKO’ knee pads and his black, laced boots. He also comes with a black, rubber vest with his logos on it, too.

Overall, not a bad Orton figure, but I’m not big on this head scan. The Elite 67 is still my favorite of his to do this day. He is another one where they have trouble with his head scans sometimes. I’m not sure if his face looks a little chubby to me or what but besides the head it’s nice. I like the red/white logos on his trunks as it stands out a bit compared to his others. If you don’t have an Orton I recommend picking this one up. You can always swap the head, too, if desired.

Superstar Billy Graham

I actually had the Collector’s Edition figure in time for this review, which was nice for a change. This one is really cool as it’s a 2-in-1 figure of Graham. He comes with his later look head scan as well as his younger look head scan with his hair. You can easily swap the heads depending on which look of his you prefer. He comes with a pair of sunglasses, a multi-colored boa, a cloth Tye-die shirt and swappable hands as accessories. Once you remove the shirt he is in his wrestling attire with his tye-die wristbands and tights with his tall pink boots with the white trim.

Overall, this is a really cool figure of Graham. I’m definitely going to pick up more as I want to have him displayed in both ways, both younger and older. I like that Mattel did that, too, as it’s a really cool feature. The detail on this figure is fantastic I might add. I highly recommend this one! You can currently get him over on Ringside if you don’t want to hunt him down.


Overall, this is a really nice set honestly. They went above and beyond on a lot of these figures in many ways, which makes them really stand out. I’m glad they did justice for a lot of these guys and gals, too. If you want them you can get most of them over on Ringside currently, but they are also just starting to pop up at Target and Walmart, too, if you rather press your luck. Definitely don’t sleep on this set!

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