Photo Credit: WWE

Asuka Talks Pulling Double Duty At SummerSlam, Thoughts On Kairi Sane Leaving

WWE Superstar Asuka is the sole superstar on the roster pulling double duty tonight at SummerSlam, and she recently sat down with TV Guide to discuss it.

When speaking with TV Guide, Asuka said, “Sasha Banks and Bayley are great athletes. Every single match with Sasha is different so I have to be careful. When Bayley is with Sasha, they’re so foolish. But remember, I won the NXT’s Women’s Championship from Bayley so I think I can beat her again to regain the SmackDown Women’s Championship.”

Her real life friend and WWE partner Kairi Sane recently departed WWE to return home to be in Japan. Asuka said, “I was just by myself before Kairi, and when she came to the WWE, I had a powerful partner, inside and outside of the ring.” When talking about who could potentially be her new friend and partner, Asuka wasn’t shy to name any specific people. “I’m comfortable with Shayna, and we won the tag team match so maybe Shayna Baszler is the one.”

Asuka will compete in two championship matches at SummerSlam tonight on the WWE Network.

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