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MLW Returning To Television In November, Aiming For A ‘Raging Bull’ Setting

We will be getting MLW once more come November.

Company CEO Court Bauer spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated to give the details of a league return after being on an in-ring hiatus since March of this year.

“The hibernation is over,” said Bauer. “We’ll air in November on a weeknight in primetime on Fubo Sports Network, and our content will also be available on DAZN, which includes exclusive content, and Saturday nights on beIN. As for the filming, we’re not going to publicly announce our location. If fans were to show up, it would just cause a wave of complications with the COVID protocol, but we are very excited to return for our fans.”

Bauer has made sure the proper precautions are going to be made when gathering the talent and staff together for production.

“We hired a COVID Compliance Officer, Mike Kitlas, and there will be frequent testing,” said Bauer. “We’re going to test before everyone gets on a plane, when they land, and then again during the tapings. We’ll be cleaning the trucks and the set every day. We have a protocol to follow, and we will ensure that guidelines will be met to keep everyone safe. That will include scheduling, transportation, locker room social distancing, and wearing masks, which will apply for talent, staff, and production.”

Bauer notes that the weekly program that we’re familiar to as Fusion may be getting a name change. He’s found bringing back his classic MLW Underground during this downtime has attracted a lot of fans, but is stilling weighing out the matter. Not only that, but he’s hoping to give the show a unique gritty, look to make the most of the empty arena setting.

“We’re going to have more of a Raging Bull setting,” said Bauer, who is also in charge of MLW creative. “We’ve had the luxury to see what works in this era. Our competitors have been forced due to contractual obligations to put programming on the air every night of the week. For us, from a creative perspective, we have been able to recharge, assess and determine the best way to move forward. That is really going to enhance our viewing experience.”

“We spent the whole summer building our business to emerge from the pandemic ready to run on a larger scale,” said Bauer. “It’s now the right time for us to safely get back to work, and our talent is going to put on a great show in our return.”

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