Trevor Murdoch Defeats Aron Stevens To Win NWA National Championship

Trevor Murdoch and Aron Stevens stepped into the ring to close out the third episode of tonight’s United Wrestling Network’s Primetime LIVE, with the NWA National Championship on the line. In a stunning turn of events, Murdoch was able to overcome Stevens, defeating him to become the newest NWA National Champion.

Things looked tough for Murdoch late in the match, as he looked to have tweaked his knee after being thrown back into the ring. Stevens began attacking the knee, using the ropes for leverage as he continuously stomped on the leg. However, Murdoch was able to fight back, landing a huge full nelson slam on Stevens before trapping Stevens with a pin that his opponent was unable to escape from. Murdoch celebrated in the ring, telling his family that the title was for them before walking off with the belt.

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