Triple H
Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Triple H Discusses Possibility Of NXT Airing On Different Night, Is Happy Where They Are

During today’s NXT TakeOver 31 media call, Triple H discussed the possibility of NXT moving to a different night of the week after several successful Tuesday shows that saw viewership increase. While Triple H isn’t adamantly against a move, he stated that it’s not a simple decision to change nights as some fans believe and that he’s happy with how NXT is currently doing on Wednesdays.

“I’m happy with where we are,” Triple H said. “There’s conversations around all of our product at all times. The best place for it to sit, the best place for it to work, all of that. The funny thing I don’t hear anybody else asking about people moving to Wednesday since we were always on Wednesdays. It comes down to a question where the show best sits, not only for us but for our partners. Wherever they want to go to, we’re open to doing the best business we can but it’s not as simple of a decision that we put the show where we want to. Those decisions are made by partners and everything else along the way. I’ve said this since the beginning: it’s not a concern to me. We do the best show we can do … every week with the talent that we have.”

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