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Kairi Sane Says She Will Be A ‘WWE Promotional Supporter’ Moving Forward

kairi sane
Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

Kairi Sane confirms previous reports that she will be an ambassador for WWE from her own country in Japan.

Kairi Sane wrapped up her WWE career earlier this summer and has now shed some light on what she will do moving forward. In a tweet that was translated from Japanese Kairi Sane reveals that she’s been given the role of “WWE promotional supporter” and will carry out her duties from Japan.

For months prior to her departure, many reports suggested that Kairi would become an ambassador for the company and perhaps have a helping hand in a potential Japanese branch of the NXT brand.

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“This is Kairi Sane from WWE. I will keep you updated on my future activities. In addition to continuing to be a wrestler, I have been given the role as a new WWE promotional supporter in Japan, and will resume my activities from Japan. Thank you for your continued support.”

Kairi was last utilized in WWE as the bait used by Sasha Banks and Bayley in order to get the WWE RAW Women’s Championship off of Asuka