WWE NXT Takeover Results

WWE NXT Takeover 31 Results (10/4/20)

October 4, 2020

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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NXT North American Championship Match: Damian Priest (c) vs. Johnny Gargano

Priest misses a right hand. Gargano forces Priest into the corner and lands a few strikes. Gargano hits the ropes and runs right into a leg lariat by Priest. Priest jacks Gargano’s jaw with a right hand. Gargano drops like a sack of bricks. Gargano almost locks in the Gargano Escape. Priest counters and almost hits the Reckoning. Gargano avoids it. Priest lands a straight kick to Gargano’s chest that sends him flying across the ring. Priest ends up on the apron. Gargano dropkicks Priest in the knee. Gargano whips Priest off the apron. Priest hits the floor hard. Suicide dive by Gargano. Priest hits the chain-link barricade in the newly christened Capitol Wrestling Center. Gargano sends Priest into the ring steps.

Gargano focuses his assault on Priest’s knee. Priest walks into a boot by Gargano. Priest manages to punt Gargano down to the mat, but Priest leg is in bad shape. Gargano and Priest trade strikes. Priest lands a flurry of strikes. Leaping flatliner by Priest. Priest lands three flying body blocks in the corner. Priest connects with the broken arrow for a near fall. Priest pounds on his leg to get the blood flowing. Priest calls for the Razor’s Edge. Gargano almost hits his patented roll through kick but Priest blocks it. Gargano reverses the Razor’s Edge with a sunset bomb for near fall. Priest misses the cyclone kick.

Gargano pushes Priest into the ring post. Priest almost lands a chokeslam on the apron but Gargano lands on his feet. Priest cyclone kicks Gargano’s legs out from under him. Gargano hits the ring apron. Priest hits the Razor’s Edge on the apron. Gargano kicks out. Gargano manages to chop block Priest. Gargano hits the ropes but Priest explodes with a lariat. Gargano and Priest trade counters. Standing sliced bread #2 by Gargano. Priest sits up as Gargano blasts him with an elbow smash to the back of the head. Gargano mocks Priest before going for a basement superkick. Priest grabs Gargano by the throat.

Priest eventually lands a sit-out chokeslam. Gargano kicks out. Priest goes up top but Gargano rolls out of the ring. Priest dives over the top but Gargano pulls two security guards in the way. Priest flattens the security. As the referee is distracted, Gargano low blows Priest. Gargano sends Priest back into the ring and hits the basement superkick. Priest kicks out. Gargano puts Priest in the Gargano Escape. Priest gets to the ropes.  Gargano tries to knock Priest off the apron onto the ring steps. Gargano lands two superkicks. Gargano tries his slingshot DDT. Priest puts on the breaks. Priest hits a hangman’s version of the Reckoning for the win!

Winner and STILL North American Champion, Damian Priest!

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