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ROH Wrestling Results (10/5/20): PJ Black vs. Tony Deppen

ROH Wrestling Results 

Aired October 5, 2020 

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Quinn McKay welcomes viewers and recaps last week’s results after a video package hypes up the ROH Puew Championship Tournament. In a post-match interview, Fred Yehi reflects ion his victory over Silas Young and says he did what he said he was going to do. He says he doesn’t care who he faces next because he’s in the business of facing people. In a post-match interview, Silas Young recaps his victory via split decision victory over Kenny King and finds out Young lost. He says he hopes Young is proud of him because he held his own and he wanted to earn King’s respect.

In a video package, Rust Taylor describes his small-town background, including his history with sports. He says he’s always been attracted to mat wrestling. Taylor calls the chance to compete in this tournament is something he never thought he’d get to do. He says he’s been broke and disheartened, but he’s built himself back up. Taylor says his strong heart has carried him through the darkest times. He says he’s never met Tracy Williams, so he doesn’t know what to expect, but he knows Williams is incredibly talented. Taylor says he hopes to make everyone remember him.

In another video package, “Hot Sauce” Williams calls wrestling his life’s work. He describes his background with wrestling and says he’s always loved it. Williams describes his training in combat sports. He calls embracing his own nature transformed his career and gave him the confidence he needed. Williams describes his history with Lifeblood and calls it a failure, but the ROH Pure Championship Tournament is a chance to restore the company’s tradition of honor. Williams says Taylor is in great shape, but he says a good gameplan and tenacity can help him win any fight.

ROH Pure Championship Tournament: Tracy Williams vs. Rust Taylor

The competitors shake hands and feel each other out with technical holds. Taylor gains the upper hand, but Williams flips the script and the match is a stalemate. Williams and Taylor continue to exchange technical holds. Hot Sauce grounds Taylor and targets his leg. Taylor targets Williams’ shoulder and wrenches his fingers. Williams slams Taylor and regains control.

Taylor kicks Williams’ arm, but Hot Sauce fires back with some kicks of his own. Williams and Taylor exchange chops. Taylor locks in an armbar, but Williams uses a rope break to escape. Hot Sauce quickly uses his second rope-break to escape another hold. Williams uses his third rope-break to escape a Regal Stretch. Taylor locks in an elbow-hold and a rope-break doesn’t save Williams, so he sends himself and Taylor through the ropes and crashing to the floor.

Williams drops Taylor with a clothesline, but Taylor avoids a Crossface. Williams hits a piledriver out of nowhere and makes Deppen tap to a Crossface.

Winner: Tracy Williams

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