John E. Bravo shot
Image Credit: AXS / IMPACT Wrestling

John E. Bravo Gets Shot During His Wedding On IMPACT Wrestling

Tonight’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling featured a wedding ceremony for the ages, as John E. Bravo and Rosemary were due to tie the knot. Instead, the ceremony broke down into chaos, and potentially even ended in a murder.

The ceremony began with Father James Mitchell welcoming out both Bravo and Rosemary. With almost all of the IMPACT Wrestling roster looking on from ringside, Mitchell began the ceremony, telling the two to begin reciting any vows they may have prepared. Bravo started, essentially reciting the theme song to The Addams Family, calling Rosemary his “little gargoyle” and saying that they were destined to be together. Rosemary went next, telling Bravo that “no mortal from this realm or the next” could stop them from doing what they want. It was then that Swoggle brought the rings down to the bride and groom, and Father James Mitchell began asking the two if they took each other in marriage. 

After both superstars exchanged rings and said “I do,” the chaos started. Once the two went to kiss, the lights went out, and what sounded like a gunshot rang out through the arena. When the lights came back on, Bravo was seen down on the ground, having apparently been shot in the chest. As Dreamer tended to him, he asked who shot him before looking to the skies and letting out a scream. 

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