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Photo Credit: Tom Hauck / Allsport via Getty Images

WWE Superstars Reportedly Failed At ‘Last-Ditch Effort’ To Prevent Twitch Crackdown

Last night was the final night for many WWE Superstars on Twitch. Everyone from AJ Styles to Paige to even Xavier Woods signed off over the past week, informing their communities that they would be suspending their streaming operations for the time being. This comes after WWE’s crackdown on third-party services where wrestlers could gain extra money on the side outside of their WWE duties.

According to a new report this morning by PWInsider, talent within WWE made a big push to prevent just this scenario from occurring. There was a meeting with Vince McMahon himself, but the chairman of the board evidently could not be convinced given the events of last night.

According to some reports, WWE is adding Twitch streaming to performer’s contracts, and profits they would make from the authorized streaming would come out of their existing contracts. WWE has not confirmed any such moves regarding streaming, but with the order now given for performers to cease their current activities, any plans that are in motion will likely emerge before too long.

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