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RETRIBUTION Takes Control Of WWE’s Twitter, Explain Their Purpose

Retribution T-Bar Mace Slapjack
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Early this morning, RETRIBUTION took over the WWE Twitter account. Taking advantage of a new function on Twitter called Fleets, which are essentially stories, each member got a chance to personally say why they joined the renegade faction and what their intentions are for WWE moving forward.

“My name is Mustafa Ali and this is RETRIBUTION. We have taken over WWE’s Twitter account. I know what you’re thinking, I could have just hacked this account, right? But I thought this would be a little more fun and I promised all of you that the truth would be heard and I am a man of my word. The truth is, you forgot us. You abandoned us. You created us,” Ali began.

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The video would shift over to Reckoning, aka Mia Yim, who explained her reason for joining the band of renegades.

“Did you think that I would forget? You were the ones that chanted for me to be here and the company listened. I tried to fight for what was right but within a year, You all turned their backs on me. And now, every female in that locker room will get their day of reckoning.”

Up next, Mace, the former Dio Maddin, revealed his bitterness over never getting a chance at retribution for Brock Lesnar attacking him last year while he was a member of the WWE RAW announce team.

“I came to WWE with nothing but hopes and dreams. But only in a place like WWE can someone who looks like me, with my pedigree with my background, be overlooked time and time again. One day I got a glimpse of hope, an opportunity where there had never been an opportunity, only for it to be taken away. Now you tell me. Would that not turn any man into a Mace?”

Slapjack spoke next about being ridiculed and being turned into a shell of himself because of that ridicule.

“When I started, I tried to earn your respect, but all I was met with was ridicule. I was left a broken husk of who I used to be. Reshaped and made into a weapon. A weapon for RETRIBUTION.”

Dominik Dijakovic, now known as T-BAR, spoke next. In his monologue, he reveals that he felt betrayed by Keith Lee and by Triple H because even though they said they had his back, they never showed it when the time was necessary.

“Do you know what it feels like to be betrayed? To trust a friend? To trust a mentor? To trust anybody who’s ever said that they have your back! But one man has the courage to approach you with a vision, a message…”

The story, or Twitter Fleet, finished with Mustafa Ali saying that retribution will not stop until WWE is shut down.

“Payback is for the weak, RETRIBUTION it’s for the strong. Now, we write our own story. We have the pain in our hand and if that pen should run out of ink, that’s fine. We will use our own blood to finish telling the story. We will not rest until we shut you down.”

RETRIBUTION is on a hot streak. On the most recent episode of RAW, they defeated the RAW Survivor Series team in four-on-four action and Reckoning, single-handedly took Dana Brooke out of the Survivor Series team for the women.

Should you use any portion of the quotes above, transcription credit should go to Robert DeFelice for WrestleZone.