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Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images

Collector’s Corner: FOCO WWE Hulk Hogan Bobblehead In-Depth Review (Photos)

On the latest Collector’s Corner we take an in-depth look at the new Forever Collectibles WWE Hulk Hogan Bobblehead!

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Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images

The Packaging

Hogan comes in a big, colorful box with a nice, large image of the bobblehead on the front. The color scheme is very similar to that of the 2020 Mattel WWE action figures, too. The rest of the box has designs all around it but no longer has an image of Hogan like the others have had in the past. Within the box Hogan comes in a very thick piece of styrofoam as well as comes individually wrapped from the display base. He also has a nice foam ring around his neck to prevent the bobblehead from rattling in transit.

The Bobblehead

This is probably my favorite FOCO WWE bobblehead as not only have I been a Hulkamaniac my whole life, but the fact this one looks just like him, too. He comes in his Ruthless Aggression era attire with his red bandana with the “Hulkamania” logo on it. He’s rocking his signature yellow/black sunglasses and is sporting his famous handlebar mustache with his lips puckered. You can also see the detail in his hair flowing from beneath the bandana as well.

Hulkster also is doing his signature muscle flexing pose and has his red/yellow boas draped around his shoulders. Not to mention he has his weight belt as well as his red/yellow tights, his red knee pads and his tall, yellow boots with white laces. He also has the screw/bolt attached to his left foot to secure him to the base.

The Display Stand

Hulk also comes with the display stand that reminds me a lot of the old WCW Monday Nitro stage. This is similar to all the other FOCO WWE bobbleheads; however, Hulk has the WWE Legends logo instead of the modern WWE logo, which is a great update. I’m not sure why the other Legends didn’t have this logo but I’m glad FOCO will be including it with the classic guys moving forward.

Looking at the rest of the stage it is decked out in Hulkamania fashion. It has the Hulkamania logo on the base, an image of a young Hulk ripping his shirt on the front, “Python Power” written along the leftt truss and “Hulk Rules” & “Hulk Hogan” going around the sides. The back also has a “Hulkster Rules” logo on it. The base is perforated to look like metal and has a hole/groove for Hogan’s foot to fit in where you secure him to the base.


Overall, this bobblehead is awesome and I love it. I’m also a mark for Hogan, but in all honesty I think this one looks just like him. The detail is pretty great as well minus the tights. They didn’t go all out on painting his tights properly with the tie dye look but regardless you get the gist of what they were going for. Besides the tights it is really well done in my opinion. The base is also really cool and colorful and I’m so glad they included the Legends logo with him. Hopefully they do that for other Legends moving forward. Mine also unfortunately has a little glob of paint on his cheek but nothing I can do about that. I definitely recommend picking up this one as it looks just like him and will go great in any Hulkamania collection! Be sure to check out my video review as well over on the WrestleZone Facebook page!

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