Trish Adora Explains How Jacqueline’s Feud With Crash Holly Inspired Her To Become A Wrestler

Independent wrestler Trish Adora recently spoke with Warren Hayes on the Warren Hayes Show, and she reflected on her journey in wrestling. She also discussed her status as the first Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling Champion, why she wanted to become a wrestler, inspiring others and much more.

On how WWF’s Jacqueline inspired her to become a wrestler:

“[The Crash Holly and Jacqueline rivalry] just kinda sparked something in me. I thought that was so cool to just see a black woman having these dope matches, fighting the dudes. I thought that was really cool, especially having five brothers and always having to fend for myself and fight once in a while. I thought that was awesome: ‘I could probably do that someday.’”

On being the first and current Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling Champion:

“I’m happy to defend this title wherever I go. I’m happy to bear that standard. I’m happy to carry myself in a way that a champion should. It’s because of this title that I just see things so differently. […] Even how I feel about my own part and my own career. It really just changed my outlook on everything. […] To be the person to hold this first I just, I always want to do it justice.”

On being an inspiration to others:

“I’m hoping that like some little girl sees me and is like ‘Oh, that’s cool, so I guess I could do whatever.’ And it took me seeing Jacqueline and I hope somebody sees me know and thinks ‘that’s cool’ and maybe tries for something maybe they wouldn’t have tried for and trailblaze in their own little way in their own communities and stuff like that. That’s the goal.

On wrestling for promotions that don’t hold her values:

“I make a point to not engage, not ask. Certain places just gotta be by themselves. I’m not going to reward that with my energy. What I need to do is just… I need to work, sure, but what I need to do above all is to work at places that I feel are filling me as I am them.”

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