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Alex Reynolds And John Silver Were Brought Into AEW As ‘Local Talent Everywhere,’ Impressed By Brody Lee Eating Two Full Steaks

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Alex Reynolds and John Silver of the Dark Order recently appeared on AEW Unrestricted, where they discussed their careers in All Elite Wrestling. The duo reflected on the Dark Order, the infamous AEW Dynamite where Reynolds got knocked out, and more including the infamous Brodie Lee steak promo.

Silver: “He cut that like badass promo on his debut, and then we’re just in this pre-tape, and he’s just going off like eating steak.”

Reynolds: “He literally ate two steaks. Mind you, John and I are just sitting there not allowed to eat. So we’re just sitting there for about an hour staring at our food while Brody’s like pounding steaks.”

Silver and Reynolds also talked about the mystery surrounding the “Exalted One” before it was revealed to be Lee, with both noting that Matt Hardy had been rumored as the first name for the role. They said they initially liked the idea that “Broken” Matt would be working with them and it would be fun to do some work at the Hardy Compound.

Additionally, the two also talked about their uncertain status in the company, noting that they initially weren’t sure how long they’d be sticking around. The two thought their stay would be short due to the run sheet referring to them as ‘local talent.’ They explained how Matt Jackson came up to them after the squash match and said he had an idea where they’d stick around but “you’re the local talent everywhere, and you just always lose.’”

Silver and Reynolds did stick around for a while, but started to feel like they might be leaving again due to the lack of progression on TV. They also noted that the lineup changes in Dark Order started to make them think they were being replaced, which is clearly not the case now as they’ve become a weekly fixture on AEW TV.

Reynolds: “We had gotten to a point where we were almost just bummed out because we weren’t doing a lot, you know, Stu [Grayson] and [Evil] Uno were like away in Canada for a while. And then they brought in 10 and then they brought in 5 and they were winning matches. So we thought we were being replaced.”

Silver: “Yeah, we thought we were being fired.”

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