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Ref Aubrey Gives An AEW Games Sneak Peek, WWE 2K Battlegrounds Celebrates The Undertaker

Ref Aubrey Gives An AEW Games Sneak Peek

AEW’s Aubrey Edwards took to Twitter today to give gamers a sneak peek at one of All Elite Wrestling’s upcoming video game projects. Zooming in the camera on her phone, players can see the opening menu for Elite General Manager, the company’s cell phone-centric tycoon game about running a wrestling league.

This is one of three projects in the works by the new company alongside a console focused wrestling simulator and a casino experience. Developed by Crystallized Games, Elite General Manager is expected to release first and is due to hit Android and iOS devices in the very near future.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Celebrates The Undertaker

WWE 2K Battlegrounds is celebrating both the holidays and the Undertaker’s 35 years of putting souls to rest with its latest string of updates. The game has just added the version of Taker seen at WrestleMania during his Boneyard brawl with AJ Styles and the Good Brothers. This is the fourth alternate costume for the Deadman that’s unlockable in-game.

Players loading up the game can also grab a free costume for Bray Wyatt using the locker code that first premiered during last night’s TLC PPV. Send the Firefly Funhouse rendition of Bray into battle and grab a bundle of in-game currency in the process.

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