Watch Hulk Hogan In ‘Santa With Muscles’ With WrestleZone

Happy Hulk Hogan Holidays, Brother!

WrestleZone Wrap-Up felt it was necessary to add a needed escape with a hilarious bad holiday comedy with a wrestling tie-in, 1996’s ‘Santa with Muscles’.  Join us WZ’s Kevin Kellam and John Clark being joined by comedian Adam Kwaselow riffing along with the goofy ‘comedy’ and you chiming in on-screen with your comments on-screen. You can watch the movie for free with ads through Vudu at this link. 

This Rotten Tomatoes review describes how the very off-the-mark film plays out: “Mean guy millionaire businessman Hulk Hogan is on the run from the police when he disguises himself as Santa. He ends up getting knocked out and wakes up with amnesia believing himself to be the real Santa.” Yes, that’s the premise of this Hulkster holiday hootenanny.