WWE Expecting Live Events Late 2021, KENTA’s AEW Debut Match Set (WrestleZone Wrap-Up)

WWE held their quarterly business call with investors and revealed their internal outlook transitioning back to live events with fans possibly before the end of 2021. How lucrative of a deal is it for WWE Network migrating over to NBCUniversal’s Peacock streaming service? Today’s WrestleZone Wrap-Up covers that and a lot more.

Has the long foretold ‘forbidden door’ been opened between NJPW and AEW? How has KENTA attacked Jon Moxley set up lofty expectations for wrestling fans in 2021? Plus how is Edge teasing all of the WWE Universe with his WrestleMania title match intentions? These questions along with whatever YOU want to ask of WrestleZone will be answered today on a special extra-interactive WZ Wrap-Up with Kevin Kellam and comedian Adam Kwaselow will stream live here today. Do we fantasy book a WWE version of pop music girl group Spice Girls? Yes, we do that. Does Kwaselow once again campaign for ‘MADTV’ comedy star Will Sasso to get inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame? Yes, he does that.

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