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Top 10 WWE RAW Moments, Relive JBL & John Cena’s Royal Rumble Title Bout

Top 10 WWE RAW Moments

The final WWE RAW of 2020 was an eventful one. Keith Lee earned a title shot, The Miz regained his Money in the Bank briefcase, and Alexa Bliss poured gasoline all over herself. OK, one of those is clearly stranger than the others. I mean, even with a loophole, how can you get the MITB briefcase back after already using it?

Anyhow, check out the top 10 WWE RAW moments if you missed it.

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Relive JBL & John Cena’s Royal Rumble Title Bout

John Cena and JBL’s classic rivalry led to the two facing off at the Royal Rumble 2009 pay-per-view. Check out the championship match in full from WWE’s YouTube page. JBL is accompanied by Shawn Michaels for this bout as he attempts to win Cena’s belt.