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Michelle McCool Tests Positive For COVID-19, Says No One Else In Her Home Has It

Michelle McCool has tested positive for COVID-19 but tells fans that she’s only experiencing mild symptoms.

McCool posted the following on Instagram, confirming she tested positive for the virus before she thanked everyone for their support. The former Divas Champion also clarified that no one else in her home has the virus; McCool is married to The Undertaker.

Word round here seems to spread as quickly as this virus ….soooo, thank you to all who have checked on me!!! —-Not trying to hide it (just been too tired to post). What I thought were my allergies, turned out to be a + COVID test earlier this week! No clue how or where I caught it!

Blessed to have mild symptoms…super blessed I’m the only one in our home who has it…. & super, super blessed to have a daughter who made an 8’ long “COVID Communication telephone!” I’d give anything to hug & love on her right now! Y’all stay safe & healthy!

#daddyholdingdownthefort #blessed #praying #grateful –“

Michelle McCool has been retired as a full-time professional wrestler since 2011, but she made two appearances in separate battle royal matches for WWE in 2018. She most recently did press for her husband’s Last Ride documentary on the WWE Network, telling Digital Spy that she wasn’t really a fan on his famed “Streak” coming to an end. Like many of his fans, she was shocked years ago when Undertaker lost his WrestleMania winning streak.

The streak is just so big to me and as a fan being selfish, I didn’t want the streak to end like a lot of other people. Obviously, it’s business. There were no questions asked when they asked Mark to do it and obviously he’s a consummate professional. But it was shocking. I think I was just as shocked as a lot of people, it was so crazy.

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