Tama Tonga
Photo by Masashi Hara/Getty Images

Tama Tonga Reveals Why ‘Dumbass Idiot’ Michael Elgin Won’t Ever Return To NJPW

Bullet Club mainstay Tama Tonga set the record straight regarding Michael Elgin on his Tama’s Island podcast (support the Patreon). This comes after a report that Elgin wouldn’t work NJPW again because he felt Tonga was an unsafe worker.

“The real reason that dumbass idiot Michael Elgin ain’t coming back to New Japan is because it’s his own damn stupid fault,” Tonga said. “This idiot, he was contracted with [NJPW]. Our schedule was pretty busy, when contract season was coming up, he still had another year. This dumbass went and told New Japan, ‘Look, my son, I gotta spend more time. I can’t do this schedule. I need to be home with my son.’ New Japan, being the family company they are, said OK, let go of his contract and he went home. Soon after that, he shows on at IMPACT. New Japan is blown away, ‘what the f— are you doing?’ And then from IMPACT, the following month [Elgin] ends back in Japan working for All Japan. Boom! Elgin you are the biggest f—ing idiot I’ve ever seen in my life, bro.”

Tama Tonga went on to explain that this was all Elgin’s own fault, asking why he’s being blamed for Elgin being banned from returning to the company.

“You’re a fuckin’ idiot. It’s your own damn fault. Why are you telling everybody that I caused you—I won’t let you come back to New Japan? No— you’re your own reason why, man. You fucked that up yourself. How you gonna fuckin’ leave Japan because the schedule is too busy and then come back to work in Japan for a rival company? You’re a fucking idiot. That’s the truth.”

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