taya valkyrie
Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Taya Valkyrie Admits To Arranging John E. Bravo’s Murder, Gets Taken Away By Police On IMPACT

The world of IMPACT Wrestling has been trying to figure out who ordered Larry D to shoot John E. Bravo , and during tonight’s episode, it was revealed that the mastermind was none other than Taya Valkyrie. In a chaotic scene, the superstar was taken away by police, and dragged off to an undisclosed location. 

In a segment where she was discussing Deonna Purrazzo, Valkyrie was confronted by Tommy Dreamer and Bravo, where they revealed that they knew that Valkyrie did it and framed Larry D. Valkyrie finally admitted that she did do it, in an effort to protect her friend Rosemary from the “useless” Bravo. Valkyrie said that her only regret was that Bravo didn’t die, and Dreamer finally called on the police to come and get her, where they dragged her off. 

To end the segment, Dreamer and Bravo teased the real-life future of Valkyrie. With rumors of her IMPACT Wrestling deal ending, Dreamer said that she could end up at “Jacksonville State prison” or perhaps “Stamford Maximum Penitentiary,” two obvious references to All Elite Wrestling and WWE. Acey Romero ended things by saying that he hopes she doesn’t end up in Baltimore, a subtle shot at Ring of Honor. 

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