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John Silver Has Chris Jericho And Kurt Angle On His Bucket List Of Matches He’d Like To Have

John Silver has quite the bucket list of matches he’d like to have.

Silver recently appeared on The Wrestling Perspective Podcast and talked about his accomplishments in wrestling so far, and what else he hopes to achieve. The panel asked Silver what his bucket list matches would be and he first said he’s already had one, but shared two more names that he’d still like to square off with.

“Bucket list that I’ve wrestled—I’ve wrestled Dustin, which is pretty cool. He’s like one of my earliest memories of being a wrestling fan, as Goldust.” Silver said. “So getting to wrestle him multiple times, is definitely pretty cool.”

“People on my bucket list to still wrestle—Chris Jericho is going to be number one. I think my favorites as a kid changed for a while, but my teenage years of being a wrestling fan.” Silver said, “Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle were my favorites. So, if I could actually bang out both of those matches, that’d be awesome. I don’t know if Kurt Angle would ever come to AEW but if he does, I want to wrestle him.”

John Silver was also asked about the speculation and potential that NXT moves to Tuesday nights, and if he foresees anything changing if it happened. Silver said they always want to do well in the ratings, but AEW focuses on themselves and doesn’t see much changing on their end.

“I don’t think so. I don’t think there’s ever been [an attitude of] ‘Hey, we need to beat them right now!’ Obviously, we always want to have the better ratings, better show, but I don’t think we’re going to slow down. I don’t see us slowing down. I don’t think when the show gets put together they’re like, ‘We need this timeslot, or this match doesn’t look good. We need to make something crazy happen because we didn’t get the ratings…’ It’s really not like that. Even now with the last few shows.” Silver said, “you’re seeing people that haven’t been on as regularly have matches. So, we’re not worrying—you worry about the ratings, but you’re not saying ‘We need to beat them here, we need to beat them there.’ We’re just putting together a TV show at this point and we’re trying to do the best we can every week.”

Check out the full episode below:

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