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CM Punk Comments On What John Cena Has Meant To His Career, Wants To Face Him One Last Time

CM Punk shares his thoughts on John Cena‘s looming retirement.

John Cena shocked the wrestling world at WWE Money in the Bank by announcing that he would be going on a retirement tour in 2025. CM Punk also appeared at the show, so he was there to witness Cena’s major announcement.

Speaking at the WWE Money in the Bank Post-Show, Liam Crowley of ComicBook asked CM Punk to comment on John Cena’s announcement and what Cena meant to his career.

“I texted him right away, and I said, ‘Don’t leave before you say hi to me,’” CM Punk said. “He texts back, ‘Haha, have a good one tonight.’ I immediately took that as, ‘Piss off, I’m leaving.’ So I know he’s busy, he’s filming ‘Peacemaker,’ so I figured he was leaving right away.

“I was pleasantly surprised to run into him afterwards, and I told him I’ll be the guy that drags him out of retirement, this retirement will her he says he’s gonna adhere to, and this is it, and when the final one happens, that’s gonna be it. Yeah, 15 years, I’ll drag him out of retirement.”

CM Punk: John Cena Means A Lot To My Career

CM Punk continued by saying that John Cena meant a lot to his career. He also said that he was proud of Cena, and he looked forward to seeing what he did. Additionally, Punk made it clear that he wanted to face Cena one last time.

“Cena, I think to my career means a lot,” CM Punk said. “I don’t think there’s many people up in that rare air where if you talk about my career, I feel you have to talk about John, and I think if you talk about John’s career, I think you have to talk about me.

“We’re married in that respect. So, proud of him, he gets to go out on his terms. I know that’s important. I’m looking forward to what he does, and I told him that if it’s gonna be one more time, we gotta do it at least one more time.”

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