Image Credit: Ring of Honor

The ‘Cheeseburger’ Name Is Dead, Long Live ‘World Famous CB’

Ring of Honor’s Cheeseburger will change his name starting next week.

“Formerly known as Cheeseburger, Ring of Honor it’s good to be back. New me. New swag. Built different. I am World Famous CB,” the wrestler announced in a video posted to Ring of Honor’s Twitter account.

In the video, World Famous CB reveals how his original name came to be. He credits a Charlie Haas promo for the name as the former WWE star called him “Cheeseburger,” which instantly caught on.

“Cheeseburger was the best and worst thing that happened to my wrestling career. It brought me to great heights. It took me to Japan. I wrestled in the Tokyo Dome three times … I got to tag with my mentor, my hero [Jushin] Liger … I can’t begin to thank the fans for embracing Cheeseburger as they did and getting me to those heights.

“But the perception of Cheeseburger is that it’s a novelty act. I completely understand that. It’s a guy coming out with a stuffed cheeseburger hat throwing burgers to the fans, but I’m not a novelty act. I’ve been doing this 10 years. I’m a 10-year veteran. A trainer to future generations … I’m going to break through that ceiling that the name Cheeseburger placed on me.”

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