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Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up: Mickie James Makes NWA 73 Announcement, NXT UK Debuts, Money In The Bank Additions

Things are heating up in the women’s wrestling world: Mickie James makes a new NWA 73 announcement, NXT UK debut new superstars, Money In The Bank qualifiers continue, and much more! Let’s break it down in this week’s Women’s Wrestling Wrap-up!

Carmella Added To Women’s Money In The Bank Match; Liv Morgan Earns Another Victory

WWE’s upcoming Money In The Bank matches are quickly filling up. As announced on RAW, the following four women have already qualified for their respective match: Alexa Bliss, Nikki Cross, Asuka, Naomi. Now with RAW’s side completely full, Smackdown looked to begin adding their talent to this annual ladder match. Co-General Manager, Sonya Deville had the honor of announcing Smackdown’s first entrant in the women’s Money In The Bank: former two-time Money In The Bank winner, Carmella!

But before Camella could properly celebrate, Liv Morgan appeared and looked to interject. Morgan pointed out that she already beat Carmella and so, she deserves to be in the match more than her. Deville declared that if Morgan thinks she deserves it, she can prove it by beating Carmella, again.

Liv Morgan did just that, beating Carmella for the second time in a row. One might imagine that this would solidify Morgan in the women’s Money In The Bank match, but no official announcement was ever made. However, with Smackdown yearning for three more additions to the Money In The Bank match, and Morgan’s momentum continuing forward, she absolutely deserves a spot on the card.

Who will join Carmella in representing the blue brand as this spectacular pay-per-view? WrestleZone will provide further updates as soon as they become available.

Mickie James Announces In-Ring Appearance At NWA 73; Scouting Talent For EMPOWERRR

The landscape of the NWA is rapidly changing with many recent exciting announcements. In previous weeks, they announced their 73rd anniversary show and an all-women’s pay-per-view, EMPOWERRR, lead by executive producer, Mickie James. Last week on her official Instagram, James also revealed that not only will she be the executive producer of NWA’s EMPOWERRR pay-per-view on August 28th, but she will also be a part of NWA’s 73rd Anniversary pay-per-view event the following night on August 29th, in an in-ring capacity:

“On the anniversary show, I am announcing that I am going to wrestle at NWA 73, and I am looking for an opponent, and so I want you [the audience], to tell Billy [Corgan] who you want to see me wrestle. Who wants to wrestle me at NWA 73? That is the big question.”

While Mickie’s opponent is unknown for that occasion, the wrestling community surely chimed in with some possibilities:

In addition to appearing on NWA’s 73rd anniversary show, Mickie James noted that with no official card or talent announcements made yet, she is actively scouting and looking to book more female talent for NWA’s upcoming EMPOWERRR pay-per-view:

NWA EMPOWERRR is slated for Saturday, August 28th from the Chase Park Plaza, in St. Louis, Missouri.

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ROH Women’s Division Wednesday Continues; Max The Impaler Announced For Women’s Tournament

On the latest edition of Women’s Division Wednesday, current ACW Women’s Champion, Allie Recks made her ROH debut to take on veteran, Angelina Love. Through a solid matchup and valiant effort, Recks fell short, but was granted another in-ring opportunity to possibly earn a Ticket To Gold. After the match, Recks grabbed a microphone, thanking Angelina Love for the opportunity, to which, Love introduced Recks’ next challenge: Max The Impaler. Amy Rose appeared out to the stage in gear, but it was all a charade, as Max The Impaler emerged and bolted to the ring. Max arose victorious after hitting the Impaler backbreaker on Allie Recks.

After the match, Marie Kanellis-Bennett appeared on zoom to bestow a Ticket To Gold onto Max The Impaler, officially adding them to ROH’s upcoming Women’s Championship Tournament.

The entire episode of Women’s Division Wednesday can be watched below.

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Britt Baker vs. Nyla Rose for the AEW Women’s Championship Announced For Fyter Fest

The rivalry between the AEW’s Women’s Champion, Britt Baker, and former champion, Nyla Rose, is heating up, just in time for Fyter Fest. Just weeks after Rose tarnished Baker’s championship celebration, a championship match was made official between the two competitors. On last week’s special edition of AEW Dynamite, it was announced that Britt Baker will defend her championship against Nyla Rose on Night Two of Fyter Fest, slated to take place on July 21st.

Before this title bout, however, Nyla Rose and her manager, Vickie Guerrero will be competing in a tag team matchup against the AEW Women’s Champion, Britt Baker and her partner, Rebel (Reba). That tag match goes down on tomorrow, June 30th, on Dynamite.

Laura Di Matteo, Mila Smidt Make NXT UK Debuts; Blair Davenport Signed To NXT UK

NXT UK’s women’s division has steadily gained traction as they expand their official roster. Most recently, the brand saw the debut of Laura Di Matteo, who perhaps is most well-known for her work in Pro Wrestling Eve. Di Matteo made her in-ring debut against Stevie Turner (fka Bobbi Tyler) on the latest edition of NXT UK. The contest illustrated a solid performance from each, but it was Turner that picked up the pinfall victory against Di Matteo.

Laura Di Matteo wasn’t the only woman to make her NXT UK debut last week. “The French Elegance”, Mila Smidt emerged in a NXT UK Performance Center segment with Jinny and Aoife Valkyrie. Smidt remarked that she could beat Valkyrie in a matchup, much like NXT UK Women’s Champion, Meiko Satomura could. Jinny wasn’t impressed by this comment, as the two encountered with an intense exchange of words. So, perhaps Smidt’s comment will lead to a one-on-one match with Aoife Valkyrie?

A new video package was also featured in last week’s NXT UK episode, introducing the newest signed: Blair Davenport. Davenport appeared to approach a briefcase with an NXT UK contract, which she then signed, thus making everything official. Although her face wasn’t directly shown, many believe the identity of the new superstar is former World of Stardom Champion, Bea Priestley. Nothing has been explicitly confirmed, but Priestley signing to WWE brand has been rumored for a while now. Moreover, it wouldn’t be too much of a shock if she was revealed to be Blair Davenport.

You can view the entire video package for Blair Davenport’s arrival below.

RevPro Undisputed British Women’s Championship Declared Vacant; Jamie Hayter, Skye Smitson Reportedly Receive NXT UK Try-Outs

Revolution Pro superstar Jamie Hayter was scheduled to defend her Undisputed British Women’s Championship this upcoming weekend; however, those plans have changed, as Hayter and her scheduled opponent, Skye Smitson, were reportedly contacted by WWE’s NXT UK to receive try-outs. Revolution Pro Wrestling released a full statement, revealing new implications for the RevPro Undisputed British Women’s Championship:

“Shortly after it was announced Jamie Hayter and Skye Smitson would compete in one of the feature matches in our return to live events, both women were contacted by NXT UK about receiving try-outs & have opted to accept that offer. We wish them both the best of luck. But for us, as has been our motto throughout this whole pandemic, THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

With no champion or challenger available, we have made the decision to vacate the women’s championship and schedule a contest between the last two women to hold that belt in GISELE SHAW & ZOE LUCAS. They will meet at next Sunday’s Live At The Cockpit 51 and we will crown a brand new Undisputed British Women’s Champion.”

As of this writing, the RevPro Undisputed British Women’s Championship has been declared vacant and will now be contested on Sunday, July 4th between “The Beauty Wrestler”, Zoe Lucas, and “The Quintessential Diva”, Gisele Shaw, where the winner will be crowned the brand new champion. 


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“There was a lot of silence on my end because I was like ‘this isn’t really happening, are they really calling me? Is this really real or is someone prank calling me?’ [laughs]. I always go the worst-case scenario, this is just kinda what we’ve been taught, to never get excited until something is like there and I think that I just didn’t allow myself to be fully excited about this until I was walking into the Performance Center, and I was shaking Triple H’s hand, wearing the shirt, doing the stuff. That was when I think it really really set in. Because obviously, the process is a long one, there’s obviously so many steps that go into it. I just tried to contain myself ’til it was actually happening and then when it did I was like  “oh no this is real.” [laughs]”

Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

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“Probably Bayley or Sasha [Banks], it’d have to be one of them. Those are two of my role models that I watched when I was first training to be a wrestler. That was five years ago. When I was training, they were main eventing NXT TakeOver. That was when the tides were turning and they kind of paved the way for my generation of wrestling. Even though they are still in my generation, they came before me.”


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