AEW Dynamite
Credit: AEW

AEW Dynamite Results (3/3/21)

Tonight on AEW Dynamite, Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet battles Shaquille O’Neal and Jade Cargill, and after 30 years removed from the mainstream ring, Tully Blanchard returns to action as FTR fights Jurassic Express.


March 3, 2021, Jacksonville, Florida

Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur


Cody Rhodes & Red Velvet vs. Shaquille O’Neal & Jade Cargill

Cody locks up with Shaw and wrenches the big man’s arm, but Shaw shoves him down. Shaq does  little Dusty dance. Another lock up. Cody tries cornering Shaq but he chops the dickens out of him. Big back body drop by Shaq.  Knee to the gut of Cody. Another chop in the corner. Shaq goes for a third but Jade tags herself in. Red Velvet goes in and Jade kicks her in the gut. Fireman’s carry attempt for Jade, but RV wriggles free, only to get a kick in the gut.

RV fights back with some kicks but Jade corners her and then tosses her halfway across the ring. She does som push-ups in the ring. RV gets kicked in the corner and Jade stirs the pot, but Red Velvet catches her with a diving cross body. Jade rolls through for a fallaway slam. Cody punches Shaq off the apron who tumbles to the barricade. Austin Gunn at ringside give his a chair shot. Shaq tosses him over the barricade. Same to his brother Colton before grabbing hold of QT Marshall. RV dives on top of Cody, Jade and QT from the top rope to the outside.

Back in the ring, Jade locks RV up in a figure four. That gets broken up and she goes onto the outside. She pulls out a table and begins to set it up but Red Velvet thwarts her progress. Now RV pulls a table out of her own.

RV catches her with Jade with an enziguri. She tags in Cody and Shaq has to come in. Shaq offers Cody a test of strength. Cody grips the hand and kicks Shaq in the gut.  Shaq fights back and powerbombs him CRISP. Cody gets Shaq a shot from the canvas and slams Shaq down. The women get tagged and duke it out center ring. Spinebuster by Jade. Shaq is on the apron and Cody charges at him. He dives and he and Shaq go crashing through the tables! Jade is astounded and gets speared by RV. 1-2-no! Jade however, fights back and hits Lisa Marie Von’s Black Widow for the victory.

WINNERS: Jade Cargill & Shaq

After break, Shaq is seen getting loaded into an ambulnce. The cmera cuts away and it cuts back as we Tony standing at the ambulance. He opens it and there is no one inside (cue Schiavone “WTF” meme?)


PAC & Rey Fenix vs. John Skyler & D3

Skyler starts it off with PAC who kicks away at him. They take care of D3 on the apron before they set Skyler up for a 450 by PAC and a Rikishi Driver by Rey. It’s all over.

WINNERS:  PAC & Rey Fenix

MJF & Chris Jericho Press Conference

Barstool Sports asks the first question but no one can hear it due to mic issues. Chris Jericho runs down his tag team career and says no one, not even The Rock or Paul Wight, can compare to MJF. Conrad Thompson asks the next question – can Sammy Guevara come back in the Inner Circle? They dismiss Conrad and tell him to “go back to Nebraska.” Brandon Walker asks about Papa Buck’s attack. MJF runs white trash Papa down and then mocks The Young Bucks. Santana rips on them too. “Y’all need to do better.” Out comes Eric Bischoff. “Do you know the condition of Papa Buck?” And in his list of stupid decisions, where does instigating The Bucks come into play? They don’t care about Papa Buck and Jericho says as for The Bucks, “If you play with fire…” then Matt & Nick’s music hits.

Nick first speaks, saying that they made it personal when they attacked their father. Matt says Papa Buck is the best dad in the world and taught them everything which apparently their fathers didn’t do. The DIY spirit is what created The Young Bucks, that’s what created BTE, that’s what created this company. Without their dad, there would be no Young Bucks and probably no AEW. Matt says MJF would be waiting for a callback from Rose O’Donnell Show while Jericho would be jerking the curtain at the Performance Center. They superkick them and a brawl breaks out. The Good Brothers come out and set up a table on the entry way and off the stage. Santana and Ortiz get set up on it and The Bucks dive on top of them.

A video package is shown hyping the Exploding Barbed Wire Match at Revolution.  It features deathmatch legend Atsushi Onita.


FTR & Tully Blanchard (with JJ Dillon) vs. Jurassic Express

Yes you read the above correctly, JJ Dillon is with FTR. Tully and Marko Stunt start it off and Tully lays it in. Dax becomes the legal man and so does Jungle Boy. JB hits a dropkick on Dax and Cash. Big German to Cash and JB locks in the Snare Trap on Dax. Cash pulls on his hair to the outside and gets a Snare Trap for his efforts. JJ hands Dax his shoe who slugs JB with it! Cover, 1-2-nope! FTR remains in control as Tully teases a tope, but he ain’t having it. We cut to break.

Back from break, JB and Dax are chopping away at one another. Cash comes in and slams JB down. He goes for a Vader Bomb, but JB gets his boots up. Luchasaurus comes in and shoulder blocks FTR down. He focuses on Cash before throwing Marko at Tully for a cross body. FTR flings Luchasaurus, but he double suplexes FTR with ease. Lucha, however, crashes into the steel ring post shoulder first. Despite that, he and JB hit a double team powerslam on Dax for a near fall. Cash hits a swinging DDT onto Lucha on the outside. FTR and Tully work on JB and hits  a super plex and frog splash double team. Tully sling shot suplexes Marko. Luchasaurus tail whips Tully! Suddenly a camera man gets involved and uses his camera to clear the way for a spike piledriver and a Tully cover for the win.

WINNERS: FTR & Tully Blanchard

Post-match, the cameraman is revealed to be Shawn Spears.  Arn comes out and throws up the “four” to his former faction members.

Schiavone is on stage to introduce Paul Wight (JJ Dillon pops in quick on the mic).

Wight says Tony knew him when he had long hair and a bright future. He expresses how grateful he is to be on AEW. Cool to come back to TNT where it all started with him. He puts the new show, Elevation, before saying that there’s going to be a major announcement at AEW Revolution in which the company signs a Hall of Fame talent and it isn’t who you think it is. Coming Sunday!


AEW Women’s World Title Eliminator Tournament Finals

Nyla Rose (with Vickie Guerrero) vs. Ryo Mizunami

The two lock up and Ryo gets shme shots in. She tries going after Nyla with some shoulder tackles, but it’s eventually Rose gets the better of it. Ryo reverses a bomb attempt with a back body drop. She chops away at Rose before taunting like crazy. She clotheslines Rose and covers for a fall attempt. Rose gets the better with jumping senton for a pin attempt of her own. She chokes Ryo on the bottom rope. We go to picture-in-picture as Nyla makes a cover.

Back from break, Nyla lays a bodyslam. Rose goes for a swanton but Ryo moves. Ryo spears Nyla to the outside and then trips her up on the apron. Ryo hits a guillotine leg drop on the apron and Rose is down. Aubrey Edwards begins her ten count (this is how Ryo beat Aja Kong). Nyla answers the call, but Rose gets hit with a diving leg drop from up top. Two count. Ryo hits some hard shots but Nyla fires back and land a big time lariat. DVD by Nyla and we get a real near fall on Ryo.

Nyla hits her diving knee drop from up top and covers, but Ryo kicks out. Vickie screams in anger. Ryo hits Nyla with an exploder suplex. Ryo climbs up top but Nyla gets to her feet and slugs Ryo before giving her a superplex. Nyla crawls on top and gets a two count. German suplex by Ryo. Big spear. She drags Nyla over and climbs up top. Guillo tine leg drop and Ryo gets the victory.

WINNER of the Women’s Eliminator Tournament: Ryo Mizunami

Back from break, Tony Schiavone introduces Sting. The snow falls and out comes the Stinger. Tony knows Sting is prepared for the street fight this Sunday. Sting found out the hard way he wasn’t ready. He wants to thank Cage for that powerbomb because it shook off all the rust. He wants to thank Brian because he’s ready for a street fight.

Out comes Ricky Starks. He comes out and says he saw some fire in Sting. He also saw that Sting still has it, but he still stands by what he says and that he’s not Icon. He slaps Sting. Sting attacks him and Stinger splashes the shoes off Starks.  He locks in the Scorpion Deathlock. Ricky is in pain as Hobbs pulls on Ricky’s hand to break it all up. They attack Sting but out comes Darby after Cage jumps in on the action. Stinger splashes him too and the baddies bail.


Face of The Revolution Qualifying Match

10 (w/ -1) vs. Max Caster

Scorpio Sky is on commentary for this. 1o rolls Max up quick for a near fall. Max knocks 10 down for a cocky pin, but 10 soon catches him with a lariat. Big diving cross body by 10 to Max. Hard chop in the corner from 10 before a 10 punch attempt. Max stops it briefly, but 10 continues it before clotheslining him out of the ring. The two fight on the outside. Max delivers a running dropkick on the floor and we go to break.

Back from it, both men struggle to their feet. Big back body drop to Caster before 10 hits a spinebuster big time. He then spears Caster from the apron to the ring and gets a cover for a near fall.

Caster catches 10 with a snapmare and a arm wrench. Brainbuster by Caster. He climbs up top and goes for the Claim To Fame, but 1o rolls free.  Caster boots 10 in the corner, but 1o catches him with a powerbomb. Caster puts his foot on the ropes. Caster distracts the ref and suddenly out comes Jack Evans with a boom box and slugs him with it. Max covers for the win.

WINNER: Max Caster

Post-match, Matt comes out and hands Evans an envelope with $4,200 on it. They all walk out together.

Miro cuts a promo to hype his tag match with Kip Sabian at Revolution against Orange Cassidy and “Charles” Taylor.


Matt Hardy & Marq Quen vs. John Silver & Hangman Page

Silver single leg takedowns Quen. Matt jabs John in the kidneys as Quen tags in Hardy. He works on the ribs of John. Hangman charges in and Matt shoves Silver into him. John embracesHangman before he takes it to Marq Quen and we cut to break.

Back from it, Matt and Mark make sure Silver hits spine first on the apron with a side effect. Hardy beats him up on the outside before sending him in for a near fall. Quen and Hardy isolate Silver in their corner. Big bodyslam by Quen. Matt climbs up top but only leaps off to get kicked in the gut. John crawls towards Hangman but Matt tries to stop his progress. John hits a sliced bread on Matt. Hangman gets the tag and so does Quen. Hangman takes it to Quen and hits a Simmons Spinebuster. Quen in advertently hits Hardy. Fallaway to Quen and he then dives on Matt to the outside. Page slides back in but Quen stomps away. DVD hit by Hangman. Page tosses Quen to his own corner and prompts him to make the tag to Matt. Matt drops from the apron and rolls Marq back in. Quen fights back and kicks Pge in the knee cap. Hardy gets the tag and signals for a Twist of Fate. Hangman avoids it and clears Quen of the premises. Silver gets the tag and takes it to Hardy with kicks and a flush brainbuster. Near fall.

Silver gets guillotined by Quen on the rope and Hardy hits a back suplex. Big shotgun dropkick to Silver.  Silver does tag in Hangman and the two double team Quen until Hangman hits his Buckshot Lariat for the victory. Matt once more drops from the apron.

WINNERS: Hangman Page and John Silver

Post match, Matt attacks Silver and Hangman and says this was all a set-up. He’s going to take out Hangman and The Dark Order. Everybody runs out from The Tag Battle Royal and the show ends.