Jim Johnston: Yokozuna Asked To Switch To A Hip-Hop Entrance Theme, I Was Told Randy Orton Hated ‘Voices’

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Jim Johnston penned a number of memorable tracks in his three-decade career in WWE and he certainly had some interesting requests over the years.

Johnston revealed one such request in an interview with Lucha Libre Online’s Michael Morales Torres, explaining that Yokozuna once wanted to change his music theme from Japanese music to hip-hop.

“I remember Yoko. He called me managed to get me on the phone and said he wanted to change his music from the Japanese wrestler stuff. I’m trapped now on the phone with the guy. What do you think he goes? He said: ‘Well, you know, I’d like some hip-hop’. I said: ‘Yoko, you’re a sumo wrestler. It’s what you’re. You are not a hip-hop guy. But from his perspective,” Johnston said, “and I don’t mean to be mean here, but he was like: ‘But I live in LA’. So it made perfect sense to him. ‘Why couldn’t I have a hip-hop thing’ and so in general, no, I didn’t get involved with the talent”.

Johnston also said Randy Orton hated the ‘Voices’ theme song he created for him, or so he was told. Johnston says he never spoke with Orton directly about it and doesn’t know why, but he apparently hated the song.

“I never spoke to him directly. But Randy Orton apparently hated his theme. I don’t know if he still does. I don’t even know why,” Johnston said, “but apparently that was true. I never spoke with him about it.”

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