Drew McIntyre
Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

Drew McIntyre Outlasts Sheamus In Grueling No Holds Barred Match At WWE Fastlane

Drew McIntyre was ready for war at WWE Fastlane.

For his No Holds Barred Match with Sheamus, McIntyre paid tribute to Braveheart by painting his face.

The two heavyweights immediately started trading blows in their third match this month.

“The Scottish Warrior” took control with two belly-to-belly throws early on. He then stomped Sheamus on top of the steel steps. But “The Celtic Warrior” gained the upper hand and blasted his opponent with a kendo stick.

Eventually, McIntyre turned the tables and hit Sheamus with a kendo stick. But “The Great White” blasted McIntyre with the steel steps.

Both men brawled all around the ThunderDome, and they even went to the upper levels of the arena. McIntyre tossed Sheamus through a screen, sending sparks flying in the process.

In a desperate effort, Sheamus blasted McIntyre with a Brogue Kick outside the ring. Once “The Celtic Warrior” recovered, he screamed that he should be in the main event instead of McIntyre. He then slammed McIntyre through the announce table with a White Noise off the barricade.

In the end, Sheamus took too much time trash-talking McIntyre, and “The Sexy Scotsman” floored him with a Claymore Kick for the win.

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