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John Cena Loves Peace Enough To Kill For It, KO-Mania Returns, Sami Zayn Is Glad WWE Took Care Of Logan Paul

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John Cena commented on the new theatrical cut trailer for The Suicide Squad, released in theaters on Wednesday.

Cena’s remarks refer to the red band version of the trailer released earlier this week where his Peacemaker character says what he’d do to “clean up” in the name of liberty.

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KO-Mania is back! The annual tradition continues, with Kevin Owens revealing his WrestleMania V-themed t-shirt:

Big E revealed the newest “hero” introduced to Our Heroes Rock, the new animated series he’s working on with Andreas Hale and Jonathan Davenport:

Learn more about the project by watching WrestleZone’s interview with the trio, talking about how the project came to fruition, their hopes for the series and much more:

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Sami Zayn is glad WWE is taking care of Logan Paul, who makes his debut on SmackDown tonight:

Want to own a piece of history? Gail Kim donated her TNA Hall Of Fame induction gown to GAW TV’s “DressleMania” auction, which is raising money for GirlUp.

Learn more about the auction, other items donating, how you can help out and more on the GAW TV website and social media accounts. SoCal Val also spoke with WrestleZone about GAW’s new initiative during a new interview, which can be seen below:

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