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Bill Apter Reveals Early Location Discussed For Physical WWE Hall Of Fame, Hoped To See Dynamite Kid Inducted

On the latest edition of VOC Nation‘s Wrestling with History, Bill Apter and Ken Resnick discussed the 2020 and 2021 WWE Hall of Fame Class, including a possible building, Eric Bischoff’s impact to the business, Scott Hall’s demons, and much more.

Bill Apter spoke about WWE building a physical Hall of Fame venue, explaining how the planning process has evolved over the years.

“Way back about 20 years ago when (WWE) was going to hire me, I was going to be the curator of the Hall of Fame (back then). They have talked about a physical location. They were originally going to do it at the Debbie Reynolds hotel (in Las Vegas), then at another place, and now they’re talking about (putting it at) I think Universal or one of the theme parks was going to (host it). They do have a traveling one; every year at Wrestlemania at the fan fest they (display it)… ideally they’d love to just have it in that area near the Performance Center (in it’s) own separate building.”

In addition, Apter shared his feelings on the Dynamite Kid not being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. He explained that while the British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith was more than deserving of the honor, he wished both Smith and Tom Billington would have gone in.

“My chagrin here is that both of them are not going in. I think that both of them should go in. Davey Boy of course was in the (WWE) after Dynamite (Kid) was gone and had more of a legacy in the (WWE) but I would have like to have seen them both (get in)… (Davey Boy Smith) is so deserving of this honor, I just wish they were both going in.”

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