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Triple H: WWE Hall Of Fame Induction Is Absolutely In John Cena’s Future

Triple H said a WWE Hall of Fame induction is in John Cena‘s future. He also made it clear that when it happened would be up to Cena.

16-time world champion John Cena will go on a farewell tour in 2025, culminating in his retirement from the ring, as he announced at WWE Money in the Bank.

During the WWE Money in the Bank Post-Show, WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H was asked whether a WWE Hall of Fame induction was in John Cena’s future and who might induct him. Triple H stated that an induction was surely in Cena’s future.

“Is the Hall of Fame in John Cena’s future? Yeah. They may build him his own. It absolutely is,” Triple H said. “Obviously, myself, Nick [Khan], others will discuss this, but I am of the opinion that John has earned the right to say when John wants to go in the Hall of Fame.

“When it works for his schedule, when it works for his time, when it’s right for him as a person…sometimes, performers want to put some distance between what they did so that they can separate from it and then have a return moment and feel that again after it’s subsided. Answer for John in the Hall of Fame is absolutely, yes. When, I would love to talk to him about that.”

Triple H On Who Would Induct John Cena

Triple H went on to state that he would ask John Cena about who he would want to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame when they had that conversation. He noted that this was a respect factor with all potential inductees.

“As far as who, one of my first questions when I would talk to John about when do you want to do it, who do you want to put you in? That would be, to me, that’s the respect factor,” Triple H said. “It’s always our first question to Hall of Fame inductees is, ‘Who do you want to put you in? Who you would you prefer to have do it?’ If that is a doable thing, if it’s not a doable thing, then it just goes from there.”

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