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Chris Hero Describes Two Rare Kings of Wrestling Reunions In WWE, Including A Tag Team Match With CM Punk

Though Cesaro is now enjoying success as a singles star in WWE, plenty of fans will always wonder what could have been as it relates to a potential run for the Kings of Wrestling. Chris Hero, or Kassius Ohno, was released from the company last year, so at least for now, the door has seemingly closed on this possibility.

But during a recent appearance on the ROHStrong Podcast, Hero recalled a few times he got to work with his former partner, Cesaro, or Claudio Castagnoli, during NXT live events and other special circumstances. First, Hero described how Cesaro made a run-in to save him from the Undisputed Era at an NXT live show.

“We were in Orlando, and I wrested Adam Cole for the [NXT] Championship,” said Hero. “I’ve gotten to work with him so many different times, and it’s just, it’s always a night off in the fact there’s no stress whatsoever. He’s so easy, his stuff is so good and I think we mesh really well together as opponents. Just what a cool thing to have a main event match with him that night, and just a little bells and whistles.

“He’s got the Undisputed Era with him, he’s got all of his boys. And we were just able to do something a little special for the live audience, where they’re such a gang, right, they’re always ganging up, very Horsemen style in the fact that there may be one in the ring, but you gotta have eyes in the back of your head. So you know, Claudio, Cesaro, he was in town and he did us the favor of making a little appearance. And it just was very cool to get to share the ring with him again and just have a very special moment.”

While most fans never got to see the Kings of Wrestling team up in a WWE ring, Hero explained how other viewers were treated to a dream scenario where the legendary duo faced Seth Rollins, or Tyler Black, and CM Punk in a dark match at Full Sail University.

“[Claudio and I] crossed paths in that we wrestled on television for FCW,” said Hero. “We had a moment when he was on the main roster, being managed by Aksana, where he worked with [CM] Punk in a dark match for a TV taping at Full Sail,” said Hero. “And Aksana caused a DQ, I came out to put the boots to Punk with him, here comes Seth Rollins, and we turned it into a tag, which eventually did get released on some type of DVD…but that was just a dark match.

“It was a crazy match, myself and Cesaro against Punk and Seth Rollins, or Tyler Black. Just a crazy match to look back on. But I think it was just a favor to Punk, I don’t think there was any thought behind it.”

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