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Sin Cara Comments On WWE Placing Too Many Limitations On Talent, Praises Fit Finlay For Letting Him Be Himself

Cinta de Oro explains the frustrations with WWE putting too many limitations on talent and how losing ring time could affect their timing.

Sin Cara (now Cinta de Oro) recently spoke with WrestleZone and explained how WWE toning down the Lucha style of wrestling hurt talent overall. He singled out Fit Finlay as an agent who let him perform without restrictions when he could, but for the most part, he said that they placed too many limitations on talent.

“It’s not about fitting, it’s about overshadowing their stars. That’s the thing, whoever they want to build, obviously, they’re going to build, and obviously, they want to protect them. I think that was mostly the main thing for us in that sense. Like, if you look at the talent now, you can’t tell me that Gran [Metalik]’s not a great wrestler, you can’t tell me that [Humberto] Carrillo’s not an amazing wrestler, you can’t tell me that Santos Escobar‘s not a wrestler, Kalisto, Lince, all of these guys that are amazing talent. It’s not about having talent,” he explained, “it’s about putting limitations on the talent and it’s not about styles, that’s not true.”

“Look at Ricochet, Ricochet does amazing things in the ring, it’s about who they want to limit. It’s not just me saying that they don’t care about Mexicans—how many Mexicans did you see at WrestleMania? Unfortunately none, not one, not one. Like I was saying, at the end of the day I was soldiering through what they told me and I always fought for what I wanted to do in the match, you know? There were some agents who helped me a lot and they would just let me go out there and work, they would put no limitations on me when I was working live events. Fit Finlay was a person like that, he saw something in me he would tell me to just take care of myself and that’s all he would tell me ‘put this together but just always take care of yourself and I know you’re gonna have a great match.’ He would let me be me and I would enjoy my work, I would enjoy what I was doing in the ring,” he noted, “but when you’d get someone who was like, ‘you can’t do this and that’, I’d be like, ‘what should I do then, just go out there and get my butt kicked 1-2-3 and that’s it?’”

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Cinta de Oro went on to say that he wished for the chance to just go out there to showcase his talent and show why people loved him as Sin Cara in the first place. He says if it were up to him, he would never limit his work and always gave it everything he had. He said that WWE also squandered opportunities to allow talent to get better by placing limits on their talent.

“If you don’t have that continuation, every time you go back and you wrestle on television after three months, you’re hesitating because you don’t have that confidence anymore, it happens to a lot of the talent now. Metalik would wrestle like four or five days out of the week,” Cinta de Oro said, “and then I’ll only see him wrestle every two or three months and I can tell that his confidence level is a little bit like shaky. Sometimes you don’t do the things you used to do because you haven’t done them in a while because there’s no continuation.”

“I think that’s the hardest thing for a lot of us that were there for a lot of time in Mexico and now would go to television and sit down in catering and eat all freaking day and just wait for an opportunity,” he explained, “and all of a sudden you get an opportunity and they’re like ‘oh, you should’ve done this!’ You need that continuation so I can have confidence and when I do the moves that I usually do, they’re crisp and I have the timing that I should have. But you don’t give me the continuation, so that’s tough, man…that’s really tough.”

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