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Steve Maclin (fka Steve Cutler) Tried To Distance Himself From Jaxson Ryker Situation, Was Told It’d Blow Over

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The former Steve Cutler is sharing his side of the story after getting released from WWE.

Steve Cutler, now going by Steve Maclin, had an in-depth interview with Sean Ross Sapp from Fightful as the former Forgotten Son covered a lot of ground. Maclin was released in early February, not long after testing positive from COVID-19, and states in the interview that he was called by the now-fired Mark Carrano to be notified of his release. He wasn’t told his firing was due to testing positive, but Steve could put two and two together and ultimately didn’t appreciate how WWE handled his release.

Maclin’s unfortunate exit from the company wasn’t the first time the free agent had some indirect friction with management. During the time of the January 6 charge at the Capitol in Washington, DC, fellow Forgotten Son member Jaxson Ryker shared his support of former president Donald Trump on social media. Maclin expressed that everyone is allowed to express their opinion, and even though he and his partner Wesley Blake didn’t agree with Ryker’s beliefs, both men felt the blowback of the situation.

“We reached out to the office and we went to the Performance Center where SmackDown was taping still at that time and so was RAW, so Blake and I went in the next day cause Ryker was living in North Carolina at this time (he moved out of Florida at that time). So Blake and I went in, we’re told ‘Hey,’ we sat down with Mark Carrano, ‘Hey, you guys are good, don’t worry about it like everything’s gonna be fine, just give it a week, it’ll kind of blow over,’ we’re like, ‘Okay, but we’ve seen this before, we know how the company works.”

Maclin also mentioned both he and Blake received support from the locker room. Maclin goes on to express his thoughts on Ryker’s decision to speak his viewpoints during that time and how he and Blake made sure to distance themselves from those viewpoints.

“It’s a shitty situation cause it’s just a different time in the world and it’s shitty because we don’t want to be involved in it because it’s not our business. Granted, it’s our business to care for one another, but it’s just like, ‘Keep your words to yourself at this time. Just stick to wresting and that aspect,’ but then again, like I said, you’re allowed to have your opinion. I think what was worse than the tweet was what resurfaced afterwards, but that’s his business, not ours and that’s kind of where we just like, ‘Listen we distance ourselves. This is how we feel, this is us,’ especially me in general. I wanted to distance myself as quick as possible because that’s just not how I think.”

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