ROH’s Brian Johnson Is The Best Damn Talker In Professional Wrestling: ‘Everyone Will Know My Name’

“The Mecca” Brian Johnson has been one of Ring of Honor’s breakout stars since the company returned last fall.

Riding a 4-1 record in 2021, Johnson has plenty of momentum on his side, but he’s hoping to make a statement with his match this weekend. On the next episode of ROH Wrestling, Johnson will compete in an open challenge, and in a recent interview with WrestleZone, “The Mecca” previewed the bout and shared his mindset. First and foremost, he made it clear that he’s tired of flying under the radar.

“I’m 4-1 in 2021, and I still don’t feel like there’s enough people talking about me,” said Johnson. “The fact that my name isn’t on the tip of people’s tongue right now either means they don’t have a pulse, or they’re not watching Ring of Honor. And I plan on changing that this weekend.”

“I got an open challenge coming. Open, wide open, your ass wants some, you can have some.”

Johnson made it clear that, in some ways, he’s targeting the best wrestlers that ROH has to offer. He named the company’s three singles champions as people who he wants to face in title matches.

“Well for starters, RUSH, and I’d hope he’d put the world championship on the line,” said Johnson. “Then I’d probably say Jon Gresham, and I’d hope he’d put the Pure Championship on the line. Then Tony Deppen, and put the TV Title on the line. So any one of them would be a great one if the three. That’s in no order.”

While it might be fair to assume that the open challenge will be answered by someone who already works for ROH, Johnson emphasized the open nature of his challenge. He dared any wrestler from any promotion to step up and face him so fans will have no choice but to acknowledge “The Mecca.”

“I want to make this clear,” said Johnson. “This open challenge isn’t just Ring of Honor. I’m calling anybody out. You see other companies having guys show up from different shows all the time. You see other companies picking people that you wouldn’t expect from an independent company coming up and getting an opportunity.

“I legitimately believe in my heart of hearts, I know that I am one of the best damn professional wrestlers on planet earth, period, bar none. And when I speak, if you ain’t brain-dead, you listen because I’m the best damn talker there is in professional wrestling. So I’m opening up an entire ring, the best ring for professional wrestling, to any jackass on the planet, whether you wrestle [on] Wednesday night, Tuesday night, Monday night, Friday night, you sleep in your car to make Saturdays and Sunday night work, I don’t give a damn. I’m better than you, 100% and I’ll prove it. And the end, everyone will know one name, M-e-c-c-a, “The Mecca” Brian Johnson.”

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