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Arn Anderson Remembers Don Kernodle & ‘Fantastic’ Partnership With Sgt. Slaughter

Arn Anderson was good friends with the late Don Kernodle and The Enforcer spoke a few words on the former NWA star. On the most recent episode of ARN, Anderson was asked by Conrad to share some memories regarding Kernodle and Anderson not just spoke to the talents of Kernodle in the ring, but to the man’s genuine kindness.

“He was a fantastic partner with Sgt. Slaughter. They had great chemistry,” Arn started by saying. “He had an infectious laugh. Anybody who knew Don Kernodle first thing they’ll say is he had this loud, boisterous laugh and it would just shake the walls. I mean he was one of those guys that was good solid human being. After his wrestling career was over, he had another career in law enforcement. He’s just one of those guys that you could really could bank on whatever he said to you. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his brother and his family. Terrible loss, that’s for sure.”

Conrad also paid tribute to Don before Arn gave high praise to the infamous feud with he and Slaughter going up against Ricky Steamboat and the late Jay Youngblood.

“I would say this: he and Slaughter against Steamboat and Youngblood in Greensboro [NC] is one of the biggest wrestling matches there’s ever been. There were cars lined up for 20 miles back down 85-south trying to get to that arena. It was an event. Big time.”

Kernodle passed away last month at the age of 71. You can listen to the episode of ARN below and check out the full feud Anderson is referring to between Don and Slaughter against Steamboat and Youngblood below as well.

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