Alexa Bliss 2021
Image Credit: WWE

Reginald Costs Alexa Bliss Her First Match Since March

At the beginning of this week’s Monday Night RAW, Alexa Bliss revealed that she had to put Lilly in “timeout” after her scary antics with Shayna Baszler last week. In a match against Nia Jax later in the night, though, Bliss looked every bit as terrifying following some interference from Reginald.


After Jax challenged Bliss to a match, “The Irresistible Force” overpowered her opponent at every turn. Bliss eventually rallied, and late in the bout, she dropped Jax with a DDT. She then hit the Twisted Bliss, so she was on the cusp of victory. But right when she went to pin Jax, Reginald interfered by pulling Bliss off of Jax and forcing the referee to end the match with a disqualification.

Infuriated, Bliss got into a staring match with Reginald, who seemed to be hypnotized by her eyes. Bliss then abruptly stopped and exited the ring, leaving both Reginald and Jax confused and a bit shaken up following this confrontation.

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