Diamond Mine WWE NXT
Image Credit: WWE

Roderick Strong Debuts Diamond Mine To Attack Kushida After Loss To Kyle O’Reilly

Kyle O’Reilly and Kushida sure had one impressive of a fight in the main event of this week’s episode of WWE NXT. O’Reilly “chose” the NXT Cruiserweight Champion for his opponent this week after O’Reilly and Adam Cole had the chance to pick their opponents for single matches this week. Still, this remarkable bout was overshadowed by the debut of the Diamond Mine.

Kushida and O’Reilly went back and forth as the two men methodically beat each another down. Submissions were administered and suplexes laid out as momentum shifted rather smoothly between the two stars. In the end, O’Reilly clinched the win when he managed to roll Kushida up during some mat work. The two men then shared a moment of respect after the bout


Adam Cole came out after the match, but O’Reilly made him pay. The two rivals brawled around the arena, and the distraction allowed Roderick Strong, along with a trio of men that included Malcom Bivens, Hideki Suzuki & Tyler Rust, to attack Kushida. The foursome stood tall to close out the show as Bivens introduced the “Diamond Mine.”

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A video clip of Diamond Mine’s debut is available here: