LA Knight
Image Credit: WWE

LA Knight Dubs Himself The ‘Million Dollar Megastar’; Pete Dunne Snaps An Austin Theory Finger

LA Knight Dubs Himself The ‘Million Dollar Megastar’

Call it mojo, call it “feeling your oats,” whatever it is, LA Knight had it tonight on NXT.

The new Million Dollar Champion was poolside at his lavish mansion with the title belt on lap. Of course, he had a few things to say regarding his actions last week, when he slugged “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase during his memorable title ceremony.

“I don’t need an old man like Ted DiBiase trying to ride my coattails,” LA Knight said. Like him, he thought Cameron Grimes cared about the money, but he cared about the old man. Knight called himself “The Million Dollar Mega-Star” before he celebrated by drinking to his riches at poolside.

Shortly thereafter, Cameron Grimes was shown entering the Capitol Wrestling Center, and he noted that DiBiase is doing fine after Knight’s heinous attack.

Pete Dunne Snaps An Austin Theory Finger

Johnny Gargano entered the Capitol Wrestling Center seeking an NXT Title shot by directly calling out Karrion Kross. But instead of “Mr. Doomsday” stepping out, “The Bruiserweight” responded. Pete Dunne was joined by Oney Lorcan as he ran down Gargano’s self-boasting. Though Gargano tried to leave peacefully, Dunne grabbed hold of his sidekick Austin Theory’s hand to give one of his digits a bit of a break.

This assault prompted William Regal to book a tag match between Lorcan, Dunne, Gargano and Theory later in the evening.