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Nikki Bella Apologizes For Past Comments About Chyna: ‘I Wish I Could Take It Back’

Nikki Bella says her 2013 remarks about Chyna weren’t worth the cheap laugh they got at the time.

Nikki Bella posted the following statement on Monday, apologizing for the comments she made about Chyna on a past episode of “Fashion Police” on E!.

I want to sincerely apologize for a comment I made over 8 years ago on Fashion Police. I am sorry and embarrassed by my 29 year old self, who offended Chyna and in turn, hurt her family and others. I wish I could take it back. Please learn from me, it’s not worth hurting someone’s feelings for a meaningless laugh. Chyna will always be remembered as an icon and pioneer who helped create the opportunities for women in wrestling that exist today. Thank you Chyna! -Nikki Bella

Nikki and Brie appeared on the July 26, 2013 episode of the show with host Joan Rivers, who passed away in September of 2014.

The clip that recently resurfaced over the weekend featured Nikki saying “we don’t know if this is a man or a woman” in response to a photo of Chyna. Rivers added, “And I totally agree. Chyna, to say she is butch, I’d hate to say that but her vagina has a penis.”

The official Chyna Twitter account (run with her estate’s permission) said that the apology was made in private and publicly, and has been passed on to Chyna’s family.

Nikki has apologised on her page and in private. It was sincere. Please stop attacking her. Her apology has been passed on to the family also. She has grown as a person. There is no hate or Ill will. Please build each other up not tear down. Chyna believed in forgiveness

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