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Nikki Garcia To Britt Baker: I Would Come Out Of Retirement For You

Nikki Garcia continues to tease her interest in returning to the ring.

Nikki Garcia has not wrestled since the 2022 Women’s Royal Rumble, where she returned in a one-off after she retired in 2018 due to health issues. Since leaving WWE in 2023, Garcia has made it clear that she would like to have a comeback at some point.

Speaking on the Nikki & Brie Show, Nikki and Brie Garcia discussed Britt Baker’s career with the AEW star. Nikki admitted that she missed wrestling, and Britt said that she was right there if Nikki wanted to face her. (H/t Andrew Thompson of POST Wrestling for the transcription)

Britt Baker: You don’t have to miss it. It’s right here for you. Do you want it? Because I’m right here, if you need an opponent.

Nikki Garcia: I would come out of retirement for you.

Britt Baker: I would love nothing more.

Nikki Garcia: You know what? This is my one thing: Doing a comeback, because I do wanna do a comeback in a few years…

Nikki Garcia Was Close To Calling Tony Khan

Nikki Garcia previously said that she was about to call Tony Khan and commit to AEW after she saw Mercedes Moné’s debut in March. However, she ultimately decided against it, as she explained on on the Nikki & Brie Show (via Fightful)

Since we’ve been lifting so much, we always say, we always start to get that wrestling mindset, ‘We’re going to go back and do this story and cut this promo.’ You get it, but how serious I got where I was like, ‘Okay, I think I can do maybe a year at AEW and I can do it every week.’ When I saw Mercedes [Mone] debut and cut her promo, that line stuck with me, ‘Here, we’re going to make the evolution worldwide.'”

“I was like, ‘They do.’ It goes into many leagues, is what she means, it doesn’t have to be at one place. It can be at all these places where all these women are wrestling at. I go, ‘Brie, I think I can do it for a year. I can do it here to here and go every week.’. Then, I thought of Matteo. I had a good week of like, ‘This is it. I’m going to call Tony Khan. I’m your girl. I will commit.’ Then, I was like, ‘I can’t do that to my son right now. He needs me.'”

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