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Konnan Almost Missed His AEW Dynamite Appearance Due To Curfew In San Diego, Arrived 45 Minutes Before The Show

Konnan almost missed his AEW Dynamite appearance and Tony Khan had to pull some strings to make it all happen.

Konnan detailed his experience on the latest episode of “Keepin’ It 100”, explaining how his segment with Tully Blanchard almost didn’t happen because of travel issues in San Diego.

“Let me tell you what was incredible because this happened—in San Diego, they have a fuckin’ stupid-ass curfew, that you have to leave here by 11:30 [local time]. I’ve never, ever seen that curfew applied,” Konnan said, “yet they applied it to us that night and made us get off the plane. I was kinda embarrassed because I had to text Tony [Khan] and say sorry because I know [you] already announced me. ‘I know I’m supposed to be there live, but I’m not going to make it.’”

Disco Inferno, co-host of the show, asked for a timeline, and Konnan confirmed this took place on Friday night, the night before his appearance on the Saturday Dynamite on June 26. Konnan explained how he would have been on a red eye but an incoming flight delayed their flight leaving due to a crew change. He was told that the plane wouldn’t take off if people didn’t cooperate, so people started to get anxious.

“I had to text Tony and I was like, ‘I’m embarrassed. I know you already announced me for a live TV [segment], but there’s a curfew in San Diego and I’m not going to make it.’ All the flights were full, everything’s full, packed,” he told Disco. “So [Tony] got back to me and he got up really early, he got back to me [and said] ‘I’ve got my guys waiting on it’ and they fuckin’ found me a flight, I had to fly there and drive from Orlando to Jacksonville, which is two hours. I literally got there 45 minutes before my segment, not knowing anything that I was going to say or do.”

Konnan says he was told how much time he had and how it would end with taking a piledriver from FTR, which he said he’d forgotten the setup for that variation.

“But I thought it came out good. I thought it could have come out better,” Konnan explained, “but I was happy.”

Konnan confirmed that Chris Jericho produced his segment, and he went on to talk about the backstage vibe at AEW. He says his first time in AEW [at Double Or Nothing] was a bit of a condensed crew, but everyone was just as happy and professional even this time too. Konnan talked about how it was a fun atmosphere to be in, and he wished that he had come through the business in that kind of environment.

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