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Photo Credit: Dominic DeAngelo

Kevin Nash To Featured As Next Guest On Steve Austin’s ‘Broken Skull Sessions’

The next episode of Steve Austin’s “Broken Skull Sessions” will be too sweet.

According to WWE Network News, the next edition of the show will feature Kevin Nash, and it will air on Sunday, July 11th. The report also provided a synopsis of the episode, and it is as follows:

Steve Austin and two-time WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash discuss everything from “Big Daddy Cool” and The Kliq to The nWo and the Monday Night War, as well as never-before-heard road stories.

Nash is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer and a former WWE Champion. As a member of the New World Order, he was one of the most recognizable stars in the history of World Championship Wrestling, where he was a five-time world champion.

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