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Virgil Claims He Invented The Spinaroonie, Kicked Alex Wright’s Ass In A Dance-Off In A Parking Garage

Virgil really knows how to spin a tale.

Virgil recently spoke with Nick Hausman of Wrestling Inc. while promoting his new Meatsauce Madness mobile game. During the call, Virgil not only claimed he is responsible for starting the nWo, but he’s also taking credit for the Spinaroonie and that he decisively beat Alex Wright and Disco Inferno in a dance contest.

“I kicked Alex Wright’s ass in a dance-off in a parking garage, and I put my foot up in his ass,” Virgil recalled. “He was talking sh-t like he could out dance me. I had the dance-off,” Virgil said, “and I shoved my foot up his ass. I invented the dance called the Spinaroonie. Disco Inferno had a spin-off. He spun on the ground like a donkey, and then I spanked his ass.”

While we can’t confirm Virgil’s story about besting “Das Wunderkind” in a dance contest, it is worth noting that the Spinaroonie is largely associated with being one of Booker T’s trademark moves.

Booker T was a guest on Chris Jericho’s Rock N’ Rager: Second Wave cruise and revealed that he came up with the move himself, citing his background as a breakdancer while he was training to become a wrestler. Booker explained that he did the move at training school one day and it ended up sticking as part of his repertoire.

“I was a breakdancer back in the day, and I loved pop-locking it and whatnot. I was practicing one day in wrestling school, and I did it, and it just kind of stuck as far as me having something different to do in the wrestling ring,” Booker explained, “because I think that’s what wrestling is all about, finding that one little something different that you can do that no one else does. It was cool, and then it becoming my signature, that was not something that I had foreseen or anything like that, it wasn’t the thought process.

Booker talked about how things like that are normally not planned and usually happen by accident, then revealed who came up with the name of the move, too.

“I remember one day when I was doing it in WCW, Mark Madden goes ‘Spinaroonie, spinaroonie, spinaroonie!’ and it became the spinaroonie. I was like, ‘Man, that’s pretty cool.’ I was talking to Mark maybe a year ago, I swear,” Booker said, “I was like ‘Mark, you came up with the spinaroonie and whatnot,’ and he goes, ‘Actually, I didn’t come up with the name.’ I was like ‘Well, who came up with it?’ He goes ‘Chris Jericho.’

“He said he was having a conversation with Chris Jericho one day about me and said how Jericho called it ‘the spinaroonie thing’ and he [Madden] stole it from Chris. But Chris Jericho is the one who came up with the name spinaroonie. I tell you, it stuck with me this many years and hopefully,” Booker noted, “I’ll give you guys one spinaroonie before I get off of this ship.”

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