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Big E Wants Xavier Woods To Get More Opportunities And ‘Not Just Be A Foil’ When Kofi Kingston Has A Singles Push

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Photo Credit: WWE

Big E says he sees more in Xavier Woods’ future than being a foil for his New Day teammate.

Big E was a recent guest on Out of Character with Ryan Satin and he spoke about the accolades and abilities of Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. E said that he wanted to take time to praise Woods for what he adds to WWE, then said he’s much more than an entertainer and wants to see him get his own singles push in the future.

“Kofi is a guy who has been around so long, but has never really just rested on his laurels. He deserves that opportunity.

“Another guy that I want to beat the drum for is my man, Woods. He’s a guy who has been extremely entertaining. He’s done a ton with UpUpDownDown and G4, and I think has really kind of paved the way, in certain ways. It’s inspiring to see so much talent who are inspired by him and his work ethic and his hustle.

“But he’s not just all those things, he’s a great wrestler as well seeing the match he had about a month or so ago with Riddle and tearing it up. So he’s a guy I want to be seen given more opportunities. Be given that singles run and not just be a foil when Kofi has a singles push.”

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