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Triple H Says WWE Talent’s Goal Is To Be So Captivating That Fans Focus Only On You, Forget The Rumors Of Who Could Show Up

Triple H says WWE has new energy, and you saw plenty of it on display this weekend at Money in the Bank in Texas.

In a recent interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Triple H spoke about how important fans were for WWE, referring to them as the company’s lifeblood.

“The crowd was gone, and that’s our bloodline,” he explained. “It was taken away from us. Now it’s back, and there is new life in WWE.”

Triple H went on to explain that the goal for everyone involved is “to be so good you make people forget about everything else” and said that there’s always speculation about who could show up, but wants WWE fans to focus on who is in the ring.

“Those rumors you might have heard about who could show up, or what may happen, our goal is to make you forget about those. Be so captivating out there that you make people focus only on you. Get everyone so caught up in the moment, and that’s what Roman, Edge and Rollins did. Then, in this case, when you’re focused entirely on what’s happening in the ring, that’s when Cena comes out. If you ask John, I’m sure it felt right in the ring,” he said. “It was magic.”

Triple H continued, this time praising Universal Champion Roman Reigns. He put Reigns over as the biggest star in wrestling and said his reaction to Cena’s appearance was just as heavy as the return itself.

“Roman is the biggest star in WWE, he’s the biggest star in the industry,” Levesque says. “He perfected his craft at a really hard time to do so with no fans. He put so much into his character work, and his reaction to Cena was as powerful as the moment itself.”

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