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Samoa Joe Witnesses Karrion Kross Attack William Regal, Raquel Gonzalez Retains Against Xia Li

Samoa Joe Witnesses Karrion Kross Attack William Regal

Samoa Joe steamed all night waiting to confront Karrion Kross on NXT, and he finally got that opportunity to close the show. The program started with Joe coming out to the ring to express his anger at the NXT Champion, but William Regal encouraged his enforcer to settle down. Regal told Joe that action in the ring is not what he hired Joe for, but Joe emphasized the “unless provoked” caveat. Joe noted that Kross was uncontrollable, as indicated by his WWE RAW appearance on Monday.

Regal then aassured Joe that Kross would be arriving later in the evening ,and Joe played the waiting game for the duration of the show. Joe came out to the ring to call Kross out once more, but the champion appeared on screen instead. He told Joe that his NXT gold wields a lot of power, which included his ability to attack anyone he want. The camera panned down to reveal a fallen Regal in the parking lot. Irate, Joe ran to the back, but Kross drove away to avoid hiswrath.

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Raquel Gonzalez Retains Against Xia Li

Raquel Gonzalez had yet to encounter any style like Xia Li’s before this week’s episode of NXT, but the reigning Women’s Champion still managed to come out with a hard-fought victory. Li showed her ruthlessness by wrapping the champion’s right knee repeatedly against the ring post. This startegy became a major focus in the match, but a rotating Vader bomb gave Gonzalez the upper hand.  The medical team came to check on Li, and when the officials ruled that she was fir to continue, Gonzalez immediately hit her signature powerbomb and pinned the challenger to win the bout.