WWE NXT Takeover Results

WWE NXT TakeOver 36 Results (8/22/21)

August 21, 2021

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Kickoff Show:

Trey Baxter vs. Ridge Holland w.Pete Dunne

Baxter attacks Holland as soon as the bell rings. Holland quickly cuts Baxter off. Double arm suplex by Holland. Baxter lands a flip kick. Holland responds with a headbutt. Ridge Holland hits the Snow Plow for the win.

Winner- Ridge Holland

After the match, Holland calls out Timothy Thacher.

Main Card: 

Million Dollar Championship Match: LA Knight (c) vs. Cameron Grimes w/Ted DiBiase

On the way to the ring. Grimes takes off his butler outfit and sets it on fire. Grimes is rocking sparkly Million Dollar Man tights. Grimes catches Knight with a dropkick. Grimes sends Knight out of the ring. PK by Grimes. Grimes sends Knight into the barricade. DiBiase Irish whips Grimes into Knight. Knight knocks Grimes off the apron. Crossbody by Grimes. Knight kicks out. Grimes tries a ranna but Knight turns it into a powerbomb. Knight works over Grimes.

Grimes fires up and lands a few strikes. Knight responds with a diving bulldog. Burning hammer by Knight. Grimes kicks out. Knight and Grimes trade strikes. Knight sends Grimes over the top but Grimes skins the cat. Grimes hits his patented flipping crossbody for a near fall. Knight hits a German off the top. Grimes kicks out. Grimes counter Knight’s finish into the Millon Dollar Dream.

Knight turns it into a pin. Grimes floats over and continues cranking in the hold. Knight drives Grimes into the turnbuckle. Knight brings the championship into the ring. The referee takes the title from Knight. DiBiase puts Knight in the Million Dollar Dream. DiBiase sends Knight back into the ring. Grimes hit the Cave In for the win.

Winner and NEW Million Dollar Champion, Cameron Grimes!

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