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Photo Credit: Steve Corino

Steve Corino Releases Promo Video For In-Ring Return

The hype continues for the battle of the Corinos, and it seems that the “King Of Old School” has finally woken up.

On Thursday, professional wrestling veteran Steve Corino unveiled a promo video for his upcoming match against his son, Colby Corino. The father vs. son match takes place at PWF Live’s ‘The Challenge’ on August 27.

The match will mark the 48-year-old’s return to the ring for the first time in nearly five years. Steve hasn’t competed since facing AEW star Cody Rhodes in Ring Of Honor in December 2016. The 25-plus-year veteran has won titles in NWA, ECW and ROH. He’s also appeared in TNA/IMPACT Wrestling, among other promotions.

Check out the promo video below:

Colby Corino also spoke with WrestleZone last year, and the interview included one highlight about how his thoughts on being a father himself have changed his career as a wrestler:

“It actually drives me, it kind of like, some people have kids and they start falling out of love with wrestling or need to take time off . Like, I feel like having my son has driven me to succeed and make everything work so I can a living from wrestling for my family,” Corino said. “I just wanna see myself be able to make a living for my family through wrestling, no matter where that is or how I do that, I’m fine with it.”

The full interview is available at this link.

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